Funny Scenes from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Summary

James Tomioka

Here is a collection of funny scenes from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End.
This manga features numerous scenes that always make me chuckle, leaving a very refreshing aftertaste.
I particularly enjoy the scene where Frieren is repeatedly eaten by the mimic.

Tomahawk Shinobu

I enjoy Frieren’s recollections.
You can really feel how much Himmel cares about Frieren.

Brian Tanjiro

You’re right, the recollection scene is always a great scene.

Synopsis of Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

The story follows the journey of Frieren, a wizard who is part of a group of heroes that defeated the Demon King.
As an elf, Frieren has a longer lifespan than other races, and perceives “time” differently—decades pass in what feels like a blink of an eye.
While her companions age and confront mortality, Frieren, who has historically been indifferent to others, begins to engage more deeply with people.
This narrative isn’t about battles or growth in power; it’s about the emotional evolution, growth, and realizations that occur as the characters experience life and death throughout their journey.

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Funny Scenes from Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End Summary

When a Group of Brave Men Met a Boy from the Village

Himmel the Brave, a character known for his mild and gentle demeanor, raises his voice just once throughout the story.

In this scene, it seems he might be angry at the antagonist, but he is actually expressing his frustration because a certain boy lifted Frieren’s skirt.

This is the sole instance in the film where Himmel the Brave shows his anger, making the scene unexpectedly humorous due to its contrast with his usual persona.

This episode is notably amusing because it highlights a distinct gap between the typical image of Himmel the Brave and his actions in this particular moment.

Indeed, this represents a humorous twist in the brave Himmel’s adventure.

When Fern found Stark gazing at the clouds

When Fern learns of Stark’s birthday, she consults Frieren about a gift.

However, Frieren proposes a liquid medicine that dissolves clothes, which Fern quickly rejects.

Fern sets off to find Stark, but notices along the way signs of his assistance to many people.

This assures Fern of Stark’s kindness and gentlemanly nature. She is convinced that Stark, being a good and dignified man, would not appreciate such a crude gift.

His actions further reflect his integrity…


That cloud looks like boobs.

When Stark is alone looking at the clouds, he remarks out loud, “That cloud looks like boobs.”

Later, he also spots a cloud shaped like feces.

These observations shift Stark’s image in Fern’s mind from a “naughty guy” to an “erotic little shit.”

It’s a particularly silly and humorous episode.

When there was a pervert in the snow shed

Stepping into a heavy snowfall area, Stark couldn’t withstand the cold and collapsed, putting his life at risk.

To protect Stark, Frieren hurried to the snow shop, guided by his memory, but found that someone was already there.

The person was alone, exhibiting an unusual exuberance, and was squatting with his upper body bare.

However, Frieren seemed unfazed and attempted to enter the cabin.

Just then, Fern reached over, shut the door, and spoke in a calm tone.


Mistress Frieren, this place is no good.
Let’s go somewhere else.

“I’m sure you can’t do that. It’s scary.”

Fern’s reaction in this scene illustrates that he is the sensible one in the group, and his humorous quip is wonderfully funny.

When Fern used the “see-through clothes magic.”

After defeating the dragon, Fern, who used the “clothes see-through magic” found in its lair, looked at Stark and uttered a shocking statement.

“So small…”

“Wait a minute, Fern! What are you looking at?

How do you know it’s tiny—?!”

In this scene, it is unclear what Fern evaluated as “small” in comparison to what, but the simple and clear amusement of the scene is hilarious.

When you find a treasure chest in a dungeon attack test.

The exam consisted of a dungeon that no one had been able to conquer before.

While serving as the examiner, Sense chose to accompany Frieren and Fern on their adventures. This was probably because he was interested in the fact that Frieren had once belonged to a group of brave heroes and his abilities.

However, Frieren fell for the mimic trap every time, which is obvious to any seasoned adventurer.

The reason for this is his strong desire to inspect every single treasure chest he comes across.

This pitiful display of Frieren’s character should cause anyone to feel concerned.

Yet, each time, Fern calmly takes control of the situation.

Frieren’s desire to find new magic drives him to examine the treasure chest, even though he must be afraid of being bitten repeatedly by the mimic.

When Frieren used the colorful tricks his mentor had taught.

Sein prefers to partner with an older sister figure in his adventures. However, Frieren doesn’t fit the typical “big sister” image, neither in appearance nor personality. Still, he utilizes a special technique he learned from his master—the colorful “throwing kiss.”

This behavior is so unexpected that it leaves everyone around him astonished. It is perceived as overly mischievous, and the atmosphere of the place changes drastically.

Then, Himmel receives a direct hit from Frieren’s throwing kiss and faints on the spot.

His adorable reaction is unintentionally humorous, but the way his mouth is bleeding shows just how shocking it was.

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