Welcome to the world of J.A.M.R. (Japan Anime Manga Road)!
This remarkable place has been brought to life by authors whose souls have been deeply touched by anime and manga. As children, they were captivated by the intense battles of “Dragon Ball,” emotionally moved by the tales of friendship in “Naruto,” and awestruck by the monumental scale of “Attack on Titan.”
We’re eager for you to fully immerse yourself in its allure.
Explore the rich and varied narratives that explain how Japanese anime and manga have continued to enchant audiences worldwide, the endless well of inspiration from which they were drawn, and the significant cultural impact they’ve made.
Join us to discover the infinite creativity and emotional depth of anime and manga, alongside their unmatched entertainment value.
Start an exhilarating journey with us at J.A.M.R. and dive into the heart of this captivating adventure.

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Characters of J.A.M.R.

James Tomioka

I consider myself an avid manga researcher and enthusiast, deeply intrigued by the rich history of comics.
My greatest treasures are the collections of manga that adorn my home, each with its own essence, telling stories that ought to be shared through generations.

Cosplay is another of my passions.
Currently, “Demon slayer” is my favorite theme, allowing me to dive into its universe and experience the unique sensation of being part of its story.

Hobbies: Cosplay, researching manga characters Favorite Manga: “Demon slayer” and “That Time I Got Reincarnated As a Slime” .
Favorite line: “Don’t worry, Mulan. I will continue to betray you until I die.

Tomahawk Shinobu

Since my childhood, I’ve been captivated by the enchanting world of manga, finding unparalleled joy in immersing myself in this magical realm by embodying a character.
My flair for designing manga characters is something I take pride in, and my creations shared on social media have garnered a significant following, fueling my motivation to explore new creative avenues.

Lately, I find myself embodying the essence of Priestess from “Demon slayer” adopting her blend of strength and compassion. This transformation has made even the mundane aspects of my daily life feel like an extraordinary adventure.

Hobbies: Cosplay, Manga production
Favorite Manga: “Demon slayer”, “What did you eat yesterday?
Favorite line: “I want to make everyone here proud to see you” (from “What did you eat yesterday? )

Brian Tanjiro

Delving into the vibrant world of manga, with its thrilling battles and adventures, brings me the utmost joy.
Engaging in discussions about the complex narratives and distinctive characters of manga is a source of pure happiness for me.
Beyond my passion for manga, I also have another side as a cosplayer.
I’m particularly admired for my ability to transform into Tanjiro, capturing his unwavering spirit with great accuracy.

Moreover, I harbor a grand dream.
It’s a venture into the cosmos itself.
Embarking on a journey across the vast universe represents the pinnacle of my aspirations.

Hobbies: Discussion of manga, cosplay
Favorite Manga: Demon slayer, Space Brothers
Favorite line: “I don’t want to die, but not being able to go to space before I die is worse” (Space Brothers)